Extra Services & Fees

Extra Services & Fees

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Assessment Report

Assessments are offered for students preparing for school entrance exams or specific subject examinations. An assessment provides an accurate starting point for a tuition programme, identifying the areas in which a student needs most support and devising a strategy for addressing those needs.

Assessments take place in the student’s home and last 90 minutes; a written report is provided in the days following the assessment.

Fee for an assessment is £150.


Our Education Consultants can advise parents and carers on private, grammar and state schools and universities in London and across the UK. Consultations can be in conjunction with an assessment (see above) or stand-alone.

Group Tuition

Groups of two or three students can be tutored together for an additional surcharge of £10 per hour.

Residential Tuition

For Residential Tuition in the UK (and abroad) we provide a price on application. The daily rate is based on 4 hours of tuition a day. The client will be charged the tutor’s standard hourly rate for any supplementary hours of tuition. The client will also be expected to provide bed and board for the tutor, as well as travel expenses.


Fees range between £45 – £75 per hour for 1:1 tuition (depending on the tutor.) Group classes are £10 more per student. For tutorials that are scheduled at the weekends or on bank holidays, an extra £5 per hour is charged.

Home schooling – price on application.


We prefer payment by bank transfer or direct debit. The payment is due within 2 weeks of issuance of our invoice.

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