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We ensure every student gets the personal attention they need

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Our team of tutors are dedicated to excellence and to developing passion in their specialist subjects.

They are nurturing, caring mentors and teachers, equipping young people for their future: inspiring success, raising aspiration and maximising potential. We are leaders in the field of transforming life chances. Come join us.

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What our Students say!

  • The summer before our daughter’s exams Gráinne woke us up to the reality that our daughter had a lot of work to do to pass her 11+ to boarding school. Gráinne set us up with a realistic learning plan that we followed and it worked! Gráinne gave our daughter a great sense of motivation and she enjoyed her lessons.
  • Colin managed to keep our son interested and motivated well enough for him to pass the selective entrance exam to St Dunstan's. Well done to both of them.
    Kevin SandersKevin SandersParent
  • Initially, I looked for David to practice conversation and improve my confidence in the use of English in a corporate environment, but David helped me a lot more than that, helping me to simulate real situations, discussing different subjects, always in depth and helping me since improving my grammar even in the interpretation of non-trivial points in a complex text of the project in which he was working. A great tutor, very attentive and dedicated, whom I recommend to anyone looking for personalized and practical knowledge of the English language.
    Guilherme MarsonGuilherme MarsonStudent
  • I have had the pleasure to deal with Chepstow directly and seen them in action teaching others. In both settings I have been massively impressed with their professionalism, ability to gauge the needs of their students and effectiveness in delivering a tailored programme. The results are immediate and obvious.
    Big Four PartnerBig Four PartnerCorporate Partner
  • Gráinne is an outstanding tutor. Not only is she on top of her subject (in our case, Maths), she is also expert in making sessions fun and calming nerves. She gave my daughter vital support before entrance tests exams, boosted her confidence immensely and taught her relaxation techniques that will serve her well for the years ahead.
  • Gráinne was wonderful! She was really upbeat, proactive and picked up exactly where Louis needed to focus his attentions on for the upcoming test. I was very pleased she came to give an injection of energy. She worked him pretty hard and gave him some good tips. She engaged very well with Louis who initially was nervous to have a new teacher, but she worked gently through this. I must say I would highly recommend her.