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In-School Tuition – Chepstow Tutors
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In-School Tuition

Expert tuition within or after the school timetable

In-School Tutoring

At Chepstow Tutors, we have considerable experience helping schools support students at both ends of the learning spectrum. Whether it is supporting learners struggling with a particular subject or raising the attainment of the gifted and talented.

Our tutors work in small groups or one to one, either within the school timetable or after school. We are keen to support students in all key stages, as well as to pass GCSE and A level exams, to attain their highest possible grades and also to prepare them for university tests and admissions.

Most importantly, our tutors are always led by heads of department and heads of year, to ensure that their teaching is completely in harmony with the topics and schemes of work being taught. We have experience tutoring all major UK exam boards and International Baccalaureate, so we can ensure that our work will seamlessly enhance that of the school and help the students develop.

We offer attractive rates for schools based on the number of children being tutored and the contact hours required. To discuss your specific requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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